🚧How Elontix works?

Our team at ElonTix offers a unique and seamless user experience that emphasizes transparency, security, and community participation. In this section, we outline the user flow or journey on our platform, highlighting the steps and interactions involved in participating in our meme-based lottery draw.

  1. Purchase $ETIX token - Buy $ETIX token on Uniswap and hold in your dex wallet 

  2. Track and Verify - For every 1 $ETIX token = 1 NFT ticket will be minted on blockchain

  3. Participate - Participate in our daily raffle draws using your NFT tickets.

  4. Claim your winnings - If you're one of the lucky winners, your prize will be instantly credited to your DEX wallet. No delays, and no complications.

  5. Community Engagement - Users can engage in discussions, forums, or chat groups within the platform to connect with other participants, share experiences, and exchange insights. Additionally, users may have the opportunity to participate in the governance of the platform, such as voting on platform enhancements, charitable initiatives, or prize allocation mechanisms.

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