⁉️What is ElonTix?

ElonTix is an innovative ERC 404 NFT Raffle platform that embodies the visionary spirit of Elon Musk.

Inspired by Musk's desire to revolutionize industries through technological advancements, ElonTix aims to redefine the traditional lottery experience using the power of blockchain and non-fungible tokens. By leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain, ElonTix ensures transparency, security, and fairness in every lottery draw, providing participants with a seamless and trustworthy gaming experience.

Just as Musk envisions a future of sustainable energy and space exploration, ElonTix envisions a future where lotteries are conducted with the utmost integrity and accessibility, empowering individuals worldwide to dream big and participate in life-changing opportunities. With ElonTix, the convergence of blockchain and lottery creates a new paradigm, reflecting Elon Musk's commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms.

On our ElonTix platform users can purchase NFTs and participate in transparent automated draws using Chainlink's Verifiable Source of Randomness (VRF) and Chainlink Keepers, ensuring a fair and fully automated weekly prize game. The NFTs themselves contain game tickets, which are collaboratively designed. Each NFT ticket is a unique artwork that can be personalized and customized for special occasions. The team behind the platform aimed to create an ecosystem that benefits players, investors, collectors, affiliates, and partners. We offer a diverse range of lottery draws to cater to various preferences and excitement levels. let's delve into the different types of lottery draws available on ElonTix. Each draw type offers unique features and opportunities for participants.

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