🎟️Win upto 25 ETH/Draw

  • Daily Draws -

    1. Participants can win upto 10 ETH/year in this category (1 ETH/day)

    2. These draws occur once every day, offering participants the chance to win prizes on a daily basis.

    3. The daily draw format ensures that participants can experience the thrill of the lottery more frequently and potentially win prizes regularly.

  • Weekly Draws -

    1. Participants can win upto 15 ETH/year in this category (5 BNB/week)

    2. Weekly draws on ElonTix are conducted once every week, typically on a specific day or time.

    3. These draws offer a balance between frequency and anticipation, giving participants more time to engage with the platform before the draw takes place.

    4. The prizes in weekly draws often include stable cryptos like BUSD, USDT, etc., and additional special rewards, contributing to the excitement surrounding these draws.

  • Special Draws -

    1. Participants can win grand prizes like Tesla, Rolex, etc., and also upto 20 ETH

    2. ElonTix also hosts special draws, which are notable events that occur at predetermined intervals.

    3. These draws offer unique opportunities and larger prize pools. More details will be shared on our website banners whenever we host a special draw.

  • Lifetime Draws -

    1. Participants can win upto 25 ETH/year in this category

    2. In addition to the daily, weekly, and special draws, ElonTix may feature progressive jackpot draws.

    3. These draws have jackpots that accumulate over time. The progressive nature of the jackpot allows it to grow significantly, creating the potential for life-changing prizes.

    4. Participants have the chance to win substantial amounts that continue to increase until the jackpot is claimed.

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